NEW For 2020-2021 Arena CPD

Please see a full list of Arena CPD available to members and non-members: 

  • Social Distance Guidance – PE
  • PE curriculum provision mapping and the delivery of high quality PE
  • Yoga Course
  • Swim England Swimming
  • Wild Tribe 2 Day Accredited Course
  • County PE and SS Conference
  • Subject Leaders 4 Day Accredited Course
  • Gymnastics
  • Wild Tribe Subject Leaders 4 Day Accredited Course  
  • The Fun Fit programme
  • Dance for the Terrified
  • Tennis LTA
  • Athletics
  • Taking maths/literacy outdoors use of the racoon circles 


More information can be found below or to book CLICK HERE (Wild Tribe 2 Day Course CLICK HERE and Wild Tribe Subject Leaders CLICK HERE) 

Please note: PE Funding can be used to support payment and supply cover for this course


File Added Size
Download Arena CPD 2020-2021 Arena CPD 2020-2021 21/07/2020 343.3 KB
Download Arena Subject Leaders Award Arena Subject Leaders Award 21/07/2020 266.8 KB
Download Arena Wild Tribe Award Arena Wild Tribe Award 21/07/2020 267.6 KB
Download Arena Wild Tribe Subject Leaders Award Arena Wild Tribe Subject Leaders Award 21/07/2020 2.6 MB
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  • Julie   Ponting

    Julie Ponting

    Arena Development Manager

    Telephone: 01579 386120

    Mobile: 07776217411

    Email: [email protected]

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