Coads Green Primary - Wild Tribe First Aid

Learning first Aid skills through Wild Tribe has been part of the curriculum this term for class 3 at Coads Green Primary School. Each week they have learnt a new skill through first aid which they have then had to out into practice in an outdoor scenario. Pupils have learnt how to assess a situation, check for danger and learnt how to respond to a casualty who is not conscious but breathing. They have developed their skills as first responders and have learnt how to keep themselves and a casualty safe while waiting for help.

Pupils have also learnt how to deal with burns, cuts and bruises and have developed their skills in the use of bandages and slings.

In the final session the pupils had a survival day where they had to make a skeleton from sticks and identify key bones in the body. They then had to learn how to make a temporary stretcher from poles and a tarpaulin, developing their knowledge further by learning how to use equipment available to them to move a casualty to safety.

Alongside developing their first aid skills the children learnt how to work as a team, cooperate, build resilience and how to keep calm in difficult situations. The children’s skills of safely using tools, fires and Kelly kettles were also developed as a result of the course.

The children really enjoyed the course and loved being in the outdoors learning new skills. Well done to all pupils in class 3 who passed the course with flying colours!

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