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The Dartmoor School Sport Partnership (DSSP) is a well-established organisation, that has been running for 16 years. During this time, it has grown from strength to strength and has adapted with the changes from the government.

The DSSP is founded on a strapline of “CHALLENGE: INSPIRE: ACHIEVE”, and so the root of what we do is based on participation and excellence for all children as appropriate. We currently offer a raft of experiences from high class gifted performance to working with SEND students. We believe that within physical education there is something for everyone with our rich, diverse provision. The focus is always on the quality of the experience for the learner. We believe that working with teachers and other adults to support them in their delivery, enhances the experience of the child so that they have a lifelong ambition of keeping healthy and active.

In order to achieve all that we do there is a great team who form the staff for the DSSP. All of whom are very experienced Physical Education practitioners with a deep background, not just in secondary, but primary as well.

We are involved in local and national programmes and abreast of current guidelines and any forthcoming new programmes and opportunities that would be of value to our schools.

We are never happy to sit still, but are always looking for ways to improve our practice and share this across the schools we work with.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic we have uploaded lots of challenges and CPD to our Dartmoor SSP YouTube channel. Click on the link below to see how you can stay active!


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Arena Schools
Callington Community College, Launceston Road, Callington, PL17 7DR
Tel: 01579 386120

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