Guidance - The Teaching of PE in Primary

As I am sure you are aware guidance for schools seems to be changing on a regular basis and many schools remain unclear about what they can and cannot do in the teaching of PE. We have therefore put together the following top tips to support all our schools following the latest guidance and we have provided further links if you wish to find out more. We are keen to make you aware that the teaching of PE and school sport is still permitted, and we would encourage you to continue to teach as much PE and school sport as possible. Many children have become very in - active as a result of the recent pandemic and unfortunately some have gained weight. It is vital for children’s, physical, emotional and mental health that they remain physically active.

Top tips on the teaching of PE

  1. The teaching of PE is permitted and where possible this should take place outside
  2. The teaching of PE indoors is permitted you should try and ventilate the space as much as possible.
  3. The teaching of swimming this year maybe difficult due to the closure of pools. When planning prioritise year 6 in the first instance as this is the group you are required to report against.
  4. Equipment can be allocated by class to avoid the need for excessive cleaning.
  5. Ideas and activities for socially distanced PE can be found at 
  6. There is no maximum pupil number set for class sizes or after school clubs. You need to ensure bubbles are consistent.
  7. After school clubs can be taught if they are part of child - care or the school’s regular timetable. Schools do not need to provide evidence as to if the club is for child -care purposes.
  8. Lunch time clubs can continue to be delivered.
  9. Competition against other schools face to face is not permitted.
  10. Virtual competitions are a great way of maintaining competitions within school.


AFPE’s frequently asked questions can be found following this link  If you would like to watch afPE The Primary PE and sport premium: An update and orientation CLICK HERE

The interpretation of the full guidance re after school provision has been approved by the Department for Education and Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.  Click HERE for the full article which includes a statement from afPE CEO,Sue Wilkinson MBE

Afpe has produced a really useful poster on ‘Why and how to rejuvenate primary pupils well being through physical education and physical activity.  CLICK HERE to download the poster and display it in your schools to support the delivery of PE and continue to raise the profile of the subject. Talk to staff about the difference PE can make to your children. 

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