Time2Move Holiday Programme Webinar

Time 2 Move Holiday Programme FAQs. This document will try to answer some frequently asked questions about the Time 2 Move Holiday Programme. It is a working document that we will continue to develop as the project progresses.

What is the Time2 Move Holiday Programme?

The T2M Holiday Camps are Free activity for disadvantaged families, those aged 5 to 16 on Free School Meals that aim to address the triple inequality we have in Cornwall of:

1. Poor Diets

2. High levels of Social Isolation

3. Low levels of physical activity

Check out the further pages for schools, community providers and parents to find out more. If you have any questions, want to deliver holiday activity for this audience, want you child to get involved or would just like to know more information about how to get involved, either as a school, parent or a community provider, please email [email protected] or call 07527470537.

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CLICK HERE to view the FULL FAQ's Document. 

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