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There is much evidence to show that taking the curriculum outside can enhance the health and wellbeing of children, as well as encouraging them to be more active.  The children learn to manage risks through use of tools, work together through team work challenges, gain appreciation and respect for nature and the impact that humans have on the environment and become more confident with raised self-esteem. 

All aspects of the curriculum can be taken outside and by using real life experiences in the outdoors, children are able to gain more inspiration in their writing when back in the classroom. 

ARENA offers a 2 day Wild Tribe Practitioners Award aimed at teachers and teaching assistants holding a level 3 qualification. The course delivers practical and theory sessions on; health and safety, site development and linking outdoor learning across a range of curriculum subjects.  It teaches the skills of fire lighting, cooking outdoors, use of tools, knots and shelter building.  Schemes of work across the primary age are given to course attendees.  For more information see Wild Tribe Accredited Two Day Course Promotion Flyer below

ARENA also offers Wild Tribe delivery in schools to whole classes on a 6 week, 12 week or whole year basis. These sessions can be linked to any aspect of the curriculum or can be topic based.  For further information see 2022-2023 Wild Tribe County Cluster Offer below. 

If you are looking to embed outdoor learning across your whole school you may be interested in looking at one of our Wild Tribe packagesFor further information see 2022-2023 Wild Tribe County Cluster Offer below.

Knowing that outdoor learning can really help with the building of self-esteem and confidence, Wild Tribe runs intervention programmes for those children displaying such tendencies. An ARENA Wild Tribe practitioner will work with 6-8 children for 6 sessions on an outdoor programme to enable them to gain strategies for coping with their behaviour and anxieties.  For further information see the Wild Tribe Explorers information leaflet below

Finally, for those KS2 children who are ready to become leaders, we also offer a leadership programme so that children can lead active outdoor activities to younger children at lunchtimes. The activities can be focussed on Maths (maths leaders), Literacy (literacy leaders) or a mix of activities (Rangers).  See price for list more information. 

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