Wild Tribe Explorers Quote

27th September 2019

Wild Tribe Explorers @ St Stephens Launceston Community Academy

This half term a group of children have been taking part in a Wild Tribe Explorers Programme once a week in which they learn to work and play together as a team. Each week, they have cooked and shared food including hot chocolate, marshmallows and crumpets. They have made woodland gifts for each other such as bookmarks and a friendship stick.

Team building is an important part of the programme and in small groups they have made shelters using a piece of rope, one tarpaulin, 4 tent pegs and string. It was particularly useful as it did rain, so they could test if it was waterproof. Each child took on a responsibility to ensure the shelter was adequate, whether it was tying the knots, putting in the tent pegs or working out how to use the equipment to construct the shelter.

The children have talked about certain issues – about sharing, what qualities make a good friend and working together.    “I liked having to work as a team and I became more confident each week.”  

Maths Trail Day

“Today, we had a chance to create a Maths trail and resources for other children to use when learning outside.”

 “We created greater than, less than and equals signs as a group.”

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